Festival program

On June 25, the opening of the festival will take place. On that day, the audience will hear the opera Nabucco. It is a brilliant opera by Giuseppe Verdi, in which the main role is given to the chorus. It is the main commentator of events, and it makes the audience experience everything that is happening on stage. This performance can be called truly vivid and exciting, and for several years the audience could not see it on stage. But now they can come to Nesvizh to see it in all its glory.


On this day the audience will also listen to concerts of French music ‘La promenade’, as well as Belarusian and foreign vocal and organ music of the XX century.

On June 26, the audience will experience the Night of Transformations. The Night of Transformations is a surprise concert with a special program. This will be a combination of recognizable works by Bernstein, Webber, Galliano, Miller, Offenbach, Debussy, Stein, and Mercury. The program will also include arias and duets from famous musicals.


On the same day, the guests of the festival will attend the concerts ‘Blizzard’ and ‘Always in my heart. Music of Italy, Spain and Cuba’. ‘Blizzard’ is a literary and musical composition that pierces the hearts of listeners with the soulful music of Georgy Sviridov. ‘Always in my heart. Music of Italy, Spain and Cuba’ is an energetic and vibrant composition to be performed by the Serenade String Quintet.

On June 27, the closing of the Evenings of the Bolshoi Theatre at the Radziwill Castle will take place. On that day, the audience will listen to concerts of two bands — A.M.A.D.I.S. Brass and the musical trio Gloria. A.M.A.D.I.S. Brass is a band the repertoire of which includes not only classical music, but also modern popular compositions.


Gloria is an instrumental trio harmonizes violin, cello and flute in their concerts. ‘Above the Sky’ is a concert of Baroque music. The very title of the concert refers to the pursuit of the sublime, because baroque music is an endless source of inspiration. If you want to make sure, you really need to go to this concert.

Throughout the festival there will also be exhibitions ‘The Keepers’ and ‘Reflections of Time and Faith’. At ‘The Keepers’, the guests of the festival will see chests, boxes, suitcases from the funds of the Nesvizh museum-reserve. All exhibits are united by one idea: they are designed to keep belongings. The age of the objects ranges from several decades to four hundred years.


Reflections of Time and Faith’ tells about the time when Nesvizh was one of the centers of the Catholic Church in Belarus. The exhibition features artifacts from the Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion: icons scenes and engravings from Nesvizh churches, fragments of the Slutsk belts, etc.

After a year’s break, the organizers of the festival have created a varied and exciting program that combines concerts and performances of different moods, making the audience experience a variety of emotions. Isn’t that a good reason to go to Nesvizh at the end of June?

The festival will last for several days, so you can stay at the Palace Hotel, which is located right in the castle, and spend the weekend like the Belarusian nobility of the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania! You can also find options for accommodation in the city.