Museum’s funds

Museum’s funds

The National History Museum is a museum with more than 100 years of history. Its works are represented by 58 collections and more than 500 thousand exhibits. The scientific team of the museum constantly works on replenishing the museum’s collection and treasury with 2 or 3 thousand new exhibits per year. The permanent exhibition includes famous collections such as

“Belarus of the 16–18th century in portraits and heraldry”

The exhibition illustrates one of the bright and difficult periods in the country’s history, namely, the periods of formation of the upper classes of society (gentry, aristocracy, magnates) and formation and decline of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It covers the middle of the 16th century until the 18th century.

Belarus of the 16–18th century in portraits and heraldry

The exhibition shows the everyday life of the elites of that time and is divided into the gallery of the Radziwiłł family and the gallery of the Zawisza families. It is also represented by innumerable cold arms and firearms, collections of utensils, glasses made of exquisite glass and objects from the finest porcelain, seals and impressions, coinage products, fabrics and outfits of that time.

 “Belarus: spiritual revival”

The exhibition materials of the collection reflect the path of spiritual development of Belarus throughout its history and modern spiritual revival. Any visitor can get acquainted with historical artefacts of paganism typical of the ancient tribes and the collections of exhibits introducing the main Belarusian religions – Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam. Icons, paintings, handwritten and printed books, national clothing and jewelry will make you dig into the secrets of the history of the multiconfessional society of our country.

Exhibition projects, excursions, science and education

Along with the permanent exhibition, there are also regular temporary exhibitions dedicated to historically significant dates or events. The museum holds numerous events for children, students and scientists.

Museum divisions

The museum branches have permanent thematic expositions, and cultural and educational programs are held in their halls. These branches are as follows:

  1. Museum of Modern Belarusian Statehood
  2. Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema
  3. State Museum of the History of Theatrical and Musical Culture and Vladislav Golubok's Lounge
  4. House-Museum of the First Congress of the RSDLP
  5. Nature and Ecology Museum

Location and operating hours

The Belarusian National History Museum is located in the very center of Minsk on the picturesque 12 K. Marx street. The doors of the museum are open for everyone every day from 11AM to 7PM.