Borovoe offers a wide range of therapy services: diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the genitourinary system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the circulatory system, diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the endocrine system, diseases of the pelvic organs, diseases of the male reproductive organs, skin diseases.


Borovoe health resort offers a wide range of bus and walking tours:

  • Vitebsk: Palace Square, City Hall Square, Dormition Cathedral, Annunciation Church (XII century), Open-air amphitheater, Marc Chagall museum.
  • Minsk: National library, Trinity suburb, Island of tears, Victory Square, Independence Square, Yakub Kolas Square, Church of Saints Simon and Helena, Victors Avenue, Cathedral Square, Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum, Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, Holy Spirit Cathedral.
  • Polotsk: Convent of Saint Euphrosyne, Historical sites, Organ recital in the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.
  • Glubokoe: Museum of history and ethnography, Catholic church, Orthodox church, Udelo village: active monastery, Mosar village: Saint Anna Church.
  • Dudutki Museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies.
  • Postavy: Stary Mlyn crafts house, Tyzenhaus Palace (1788), Saint Taddeus Cathedral (XVIII century), Saint Nikolas Church (1894), Saint Anthony of Padua Church (XIX century), Saint John the Baptists fortified church (XVII-XVIII centuries).
  • Nesvizh: Nesvizh Castle (1583), City Hall (XVI century), Corpus Christi Church.
  • Begoml: Museum of People’s Glory.
  • Khatyn State Memorial Complex.
  • Stalin Line historical and cultural complex.
  • Mir town settlement: Mir Castle Complex (site tour).
  • Dokshytsky venok: Dokshytsy, Parafiyanovo, Sitsy, Khodorovka Memorial Complex, Porplishche.