The Guests Can

  • Buy handmade goods directly from the craftsmen
  • Participate in the workshops of different masters
  • Order and purchase customed products manufactured in accordance with their templates
  • Relax, hold events, arrange dates, or organize their holidays in the format of creative workshops
  • Get acquainted with the history and cultural heritage of the Belarus

If You Want to Become a CraftmanCraftsman Club

You will be provided with a workplace in the Club building, a convenient premises and time for holding workshops. Your works will be taken to exhibitions and you will be able to present your products. The information about the works you create will be spread via the Internet and Club's social networks. And you will be engaged in cozy thematic parties, photo shoots, and interesting conversations.

Workshop List and Description

Craftsman Club
  1. Workshop on Making Toy Rabbits and Wooden Crafts: suits for children from 10 years old and adults, the duration is 1-1.5 hours, prior registration is required, the price is 25 BYN.
  2. Workshop on Decoupage: make a teahouse the technique of decoupage, suits for children from 6 years old, prior registration is required, the price is 14 BYN.
  3. Workshop on Clay Modelling of Bells and Poker Drawing: prior registration is required.
  4. Workshop on Point to Point Painting of Pins, Bracelets, Magnets, Key Rings, and Cups: prior registration is required.
  5. Workshop on Decorating of Photo Frames in the Technique of Sicilian Lace and Bas-Relief/Sculptured Relief: prior registration is required.
  6. Workshop on Making a Paint in the Technique of Liquid Acrylic: you will paint on a cotton canvas (30x30x1.5 cm) and will be able to choose any color scheme and painting technique: prior registration is required.
  7. Workshop on Decorating Gingerbread Cookies: suits for children of any age accompanied by their parents, the duration is 1-1.5 hours. You will decorate three large Christmas gingerbread cookies and wrap them in a gift box.

Fast Facts

Craftsman Club

The largest product manufactured by the Club's craftsmen might be a canoe. Its weight is 22 kg. It has successfully passed the tests in rivers and lakes. The craftsmen say that it was created for people who value natural products!

Online contests are regularly held on the Club's Instagram page. You can win different leather, wooden, or other products.

In addition, the Club's craftsmen participate many competitions, so you can see not only the masterpieces, but also how they are created.

The Minsk Craftsman Club cooperates with other Belarusian clubs.

Craftsman Club

The Club suits everyone: people who would like to go in for handicrafts and people who are looking for the perfect gift for their nearest and dearest, people who are bored and people who want to decorate their houses, and even people who would like to find their dream jobs. Moreover, visiting the Club might be a perfect travel alternative. There, during the workshops, you will feel the atmosphere of our region. Follow the Club's pages on social networks in order to be the first one to see unique crafts and real masterpieces manufactured by Minsk talented people!