Mysterious history of the complex

The history of the Dukorsky estate and its owners is still not fully explored. At the moment, we know historical persons who acted in the Dukora land at different times and eras, people who were quite popular, who contributed a lot to our history. There are notes of R. Aftanazi, A. Urbanski, A. T. Fedoruk.

And here is a list of other owners — the Kezhgaylo family, then the Sapieha family, the Zawinski family, the Oginski family... Everything seems to lie on the surface... But if you delve into it, a lot of questions begin to arise. Which particular Kezhgaylo was the first owner? What was there before them? Who exactly of the Sapieha family was the owner of the estate?

Mayontak nowadaysМаёнтак

More questions arise every day, but at the moment a lot of work is in progress to revive every stage of the history of the estate. A team of specialists is assembled, claiming to clarify interesting facts that refute the existing ones. Of course, you will not find anything on the Internet, because what has already been revealed, they tell at the excursion programs.

How many locations there are! There is an entrance fence, stables, museum, stage, chapel, pottery, weaving shop, candle shop, blacksmith shop, distillery, ropes course, shooting gallery, playground, airsoft, boats, rides, even an upside-down house, and that is not all…

Something interesting

Upside-down house. The main feature of the house is not only that the furniture in it is upside down, but that the house was dropped downhill. By the way, it is the first one in Belarus. Visitors who have already been there warn that you should not visit it with a full stomach :)

Dukorsky Mayontak

Wish Oak. This oak is over four hundred years old, almost thirty meters high and about two meters in diameter.

As you lean your palms against the giant’s bark, you will hear your own silence and thus find the energy for your life plans and goals!

Candle shop. After the appearance of beekeeping, the Slavs learned how to extract honey and make candles. This workshop will not be boring even for those who consider candles some dull cylinders of wax. They come in all kinds. The peculiarity of this workshop is the old technology with a modern twist and the use of beeswax.

Guided tours

Dukorsky Mayontak

Various guided tours are organized throughout the Dukorsky Mayontak. They are divided into visitor segments: separately for fourth and ninth graders, animated tours for children and adults, musical programs, corporate, entertainment concerts, sports games, theme parties, celebrations of traditional and sacred holidays.

Besides, you can organize weddings, rent rooms and, of course, have a great weekend and relax on the territory of the estate. Here you can rent guest houses for a large and noisy company or just for yourself and your family. Houses of any size are available!

Dukorsky Mayontak

The museum complex is located in the Minsk region, the Dukora agrotown.

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If you visit this wonderful estate, you will not only regain your inner energy and balance, but also learn about the history of the nobility, plunge into different eras and stay satisfied!