About the farmstead

Providing rooms for accommodation, providing meals with the use of agricultural products made and processed on the farmstead, master classes on cheese and bread making and doll making, providing a bathhouse, organized excursions with an introduction to natural, agricultural and architectural objects, national traditions.

- Getting acquainted with the life and creativity of our ancestors in the Molodechno crafts center.
- Legend about the children of God Veles, red Moloditsa and Pan Krasovsky.
- The ancient magic of motanok dolls.
- A procession along the old "Vilna bruk".
- Circling in spirals of solar roundels to fill with joy and happiness.
- Treating with homemade bread and herbal tea from the hostess Svetazara.
- The mystery of " Aptechka priyatnaya" by Pan Krasovsky.
- Souvenir shop.