About the hotel

«Kamenyuki» - is a huge complex in Kamenets district of Brest region in the center of «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» tourist zone, which is located next to the Museum of Nature and open-air cages with wild animals.

The hotel complex consists of three buildings with cozy rooms, where as one traveler can comfortably rest as families with children. Rooms are decorated in a classic style and equipped with everything necessary even for a long rest, it allows you to immerse yourself in the world of Belarusian nature, to learn its unique places.

The infrastructure of the complex is well developed - there is an elegant restaurant here, two cozy cafes, a bar, a large swimming pool with panoramic windows, a sauna, a bath, recreation areas and a barbecue. Lovers of active recreation can rent sports equipment, visit gym, big and table tennis.

The special pride of the complex is open-air cages with wild animals, which attract not only children, but also the adults. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the main symbol of «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» - bison, and its other inhabitants.
There is a «Museum of nature», that shows the history of Belovezha forest, seasonal features of nature and biodiversity of ecosystems. The use of sounds of nature, dioramas with photos, projection screens increase the impression.

In 12 km from the complex there is another amazing place - the estate of the Dzed Moroz. It's must-visit on the eve of the New Year holidays. There is the estate of the Dzed Moroz with a throne room, a cabinet, a bedroom and a balcony, and many sculptures from fairy tales. The highest in Europe forty-meter natural firtree grows.