The Krasny Bor Resort

The Krasny Bor Resort is located in the north of the Vitebsk region, on the border of the ancient woodlands. It allows hunters to immerse themselves in their favorite hobby. In all weather and seasons, Krasny Bor is rich in wildfowl: there are ungulates (moose, mouflons, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer), predators (wolves, foxes, raccoon dogs, small mustelids), birds (capercaillies, black grouses, ducks, woodcocks, etc.), as well as hares and beavers.

What types of hunting can you enjoy in Krasny Bor?

  • Trophy hunting. Its main goal is getting the most valuable part of the animal. For example, horns are considered to be a trophy part of many ungulates. Certified trophy evaluators determine the value of horns taking into consideration their size, branching, and other characteristics.
Trophy hunting
  • Open-air cage hunting. Wild animals, not domestic ones, are kept in open-air cages. The open-air cages are large areas, fenced off from the forest. There are animals of a certain species in the fenced territory, therefore open-air cage hunting is not canned or fake hunting, as one may think. It takes the same effort to shoot a beast as hunting in the wild.
  • Birds of prey include hawks and falcons. This type of hunting was popular with princes and emperors. In Krasny Bor you can hunt with your trained bird of prey or watch duck or pheasant falconry. The hunting is spectacular and it leaves no one cold.
Birds of prey
  • Foot hunting. Classic hunting when you walk through the forest in silence, listening to every rustle, trying to pick up the trail of a beast. It is an ideal activity if you want to get away from the daily routine and bring some activity to your life.
Foot hunting
  • Pheasant hunting. The number of pheasants for hunting is agreed in advance. They are wild timid birds that are released into the hunting area. That is, the success of hunting entirely depends on you. Otherwise, pheasants will take root in the wild or become prey to predators.
  • Hunting with dogs. Trained hounds, pointing dogs, and bloodhounds are kept in Krasny Bor. In all weather and seasons, you can make hunting even more exciting — working in a team with a four-legged friend is more enjoyable and pleasing.
Hunting with dogs

Krasny Bor visitors can hire professional jaegers and trophy makers. Come with your dog or bird of prey: we will provide them with meals and comfortable crates.

When Can You Hunt in Krasny Bor?

Hunting seasons are determined by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. In spring, black grouses or capercaillies are hunted, as well as ungulates (for example, roe deer). In the spring-autumn season, you can hunt birds, including marshes. Moose, deer and fallow deer can be hunted from the end of August. Hare hunting is popular in winter.

Krasny Bor welcomes hunters all year round. Here you can take a break from everyday life and plunge into the calm atmosphere of majestic mysterious forests.