Mir Castle Museum

The Mir Castle Complex is a unique monument of the national culture of Belarus.

In 2000, Mir Castle was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

The architectural ensemble of Mir includes a castle-museum of the XVI-XX centuries with 39 full-fledged expositions, earth ramparts, picturesque parks and a pond, a church-mausoleum of Princes Svyatopolk-Mirsky.

The Mir Castle Complex is an object with a well-developed infrastructure: two conference halls for hosting events, a 16-room hotel, a restaurant with dishes of the historic cuisine, a souvenir shop with products of Belarusian craftsmen.

In addition to traditional tours the museum provides theatricals. On the concert grounds of the Mir castle complex, music and knightly festivals, as well as arts and crafts festivals are traditionally held.

In 2019, the complex was visited by more than 320 thousand tourists.

Mir Castle has repeatedly won the national tourist contest "Explore Belarus": 2012. - The diploma "For the development of cultural tourism"; 2014, 2015. - winner in the nomination "For active promotion of the tourist potential of the Republic of Belarus".