About the enterprise

The production unitary enterprise “Polotskie Beverages and Concentrates” dates back to 1972. The founder of the enterprise is JSC Belsolod.

Polotskie Beverages and Concentrates specializes in the production of grain products – kvass wort concentrate, malt extracts, as well as light and dark beer. 

The main consumers are organizations of bakery and confectionery industry, kvass producers, mini breweries and others. The company has branded stores under the brand name “Polotskoye Beer” with a full range of products. Assorted beer is also sold through retail and catering facilities.

All products are made from 100% natural grain raw materials, non-GMO, no added dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, etc.

Its products are known for their excellent quality and traditional manufacturing technology, which sticks to the use of only natural ingredients.