The uniqueness of the Krinitsa resort lies in the successful combination of three therapeutic factors:

  • sulphate-chloride-sodium mineral water, which is not inferior in its properties to mineral waters of world famous resorts such as Truskovets, Caucasian Mineral Waters, Karlovy Vary;
  • curative sapropel mud of the Sudobl lake;
  • a healing climate formed thanks to the clean air of a mixed forest, favorable for a long stay of vacationers throughout the year.

Diagnostics of patients with diseases:

  • organs of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • of cardio-vascular system
  • musculoskeletal system.


Here you will be offered to plunge into the atmosphere of fun and kindness.

  • Thematic holidays («Happy New Year!», «Maslenitsa», «Kupala», "Neptune's Holiday» ...);
  • concerts of amateur performances of holidaymakers («Happy Birthday! », «Stars of Krinitsa» ...);
  • performances of Belarusian pop artists;
  • screening of films;
  • musical evenings – «Play the accordion», «Romances, romances ... »;
  • evenings of bardic songs – «Let's fill our hearts with music»;
  • the employees of the sanatorium will pleasantly surprise with their creative talents - they will give concerts «For you with love ... », «Belarusian tunes»;
  • for fans of the artistic word, we suggest visiting the literary drawing rooms («Krinichka of poetry», «Evenings of poetry in romances»), quizzes – «One hundred questions», «It is interesting to know»;
  • game and competitive programs («It's more fun with us», «Lift your spirits», «Razgulyayka» ...) will plunge you into the world of childhood and joy;
  • weekly beauty school and dance school work;
  • the most favorite entertainment for our guests is «dance therapy» classes. Dance parties are always crowded. The best performers are invited for you.