This is the biggest sports complex in Belarus. There was a skating stadium, a cycle track and an ice palace. Minsk Arena hosts the highest level of sporting events. For example, the final of the World Hockey Championship in 2014.

And in the "Minsk-Arena" world-class performers perform. Among those already noted - Elton John, Rammstein, Sting and many others. Some say that their arrival to Belarus would be impossible, if there was not a site of such scale and level.

How to get there: Minsk-Arena is located far from the city center. By public transport, you can get there from the railway station or Nemiga metro station by buses 1 and 119C. On your personal car, drive along the Pobediteley Avenue.




The project of the Borisov Arena is unique - it is a stadium intended only for football matches, which accommodates more than 12.5 thousand spectators. Borisov Arena is the home arena of the most famous Belarusian football club BATE.

By the way, according to the results of independent polls, the stadium is included in the top 10 of the best football stadiums in Europe.

How to get there: you can get to Borisov from Minsk in one hour on the P53 highway. On public transport the road will take a little longer. From Minsk to Borisov there are regular trains and minibuses.




In Silichi there are 9 ski slopes of different levels of complexity, including for children and training. Such extreme sensations as here, in the place with the biggest difference in altitude in Belarus, you will not get anywhere else in the country.

In addition to mountain skiing in Silichi, you can go skating, ski lift, tubing, snowmobile. In summer, life at the resort does not freeze: visitors can play football or volleyball, badminton or tennis, ride a quad bike.

In Silichi there are cottages and a hotel, restaurants and cafes and even baths and SPA-salons. All information about the resort is on the official website.

How to get there: 40 minutes by M3 - and you can choose a ski slope. No car - no problem. Minibuses and buses run from the Central Bus Station to Minsk.




Thanks to fresh air and pine forests, the "Staika" has created a perfectly suitable atmosphere for playing sports.

The national Olympic team of Belarus is preparing for the speeches in the "Packs". You can feel yourself as an Olympian. There is an opportunity to do 20 kinds of sports: billiards, tennis, mini-football, cycling. The largest sports center in the Republic of Belarus runs on the territory of the complex. He has a powerful medical and diagnostic base.

How to get there: on the official site of the complex there is a timetable for public transport. On a personal car, go to the M4, at the fork near the Pines, turn off onto the N9050 and after a couple of kilometers you will reach the complex.




If you love equestrian sport, then the place is better than the Republican Center for Olympic training of equestrian sport and horse breeding "Ratomka", you can not find.

Here you can ride horses in different styles. And if you do not know how, but really want - sensitive instructors will teach you to manage with the horse. In addition, in "Ratomka" there is a hotel, a sports and fitness center and even a gym.

How to get there: from Minsk there are trains in Molodechno direction to Ratomka station. On your personal car, choose the P28 route.