What's the point?

Everything here is thematic: not a hotel, but the housekeeper’s or Vikings’ house, not a bar, but a starka brewery, not a cafe, but an inn. National flavour of different times is not all of it. The highlight of the place is the people who work here and the atmosphere they create. Sula is a non-profit project, the proceeds from tourists go exclusively to the maintenance and development of the complex: in 2014 there were ruins, mud and swamp instead of the park. But thanks to the initiative of the owners and volunteers, the place got its current form. 

Sula. Festival Goblet and Сrackling in Sula

There will be no trivial excursions and mournful grey-haired guides. You will be greeted by representatives of different times and social classes - gentry, peasants, princes and their predecessors - the Vikings. In such company you will visit thematic sites: 

 Gates of All Stars - a monument of the Neolithic era

  •  Primitive site
  •  Place of worship of pagan gods
  •  Vikings harbour
  •  Gothic Quarter, Sula Tower - castle theme
  •  Museum of Education - collegium
  •  Royal Assembly with a gallery of coats of arms
  •  Local distillery
  •  Belarusian shtetl - a Jewish house, a weaving museum, a fulling mill and a pharmacy
  •  Lenskiye manor

Do not get bored with the word “museum”. There are only exhibits and a name from it. Other than that, you will immerse into a unique performance, where you will have to run, shoot and eat. Songs and dances are provided. Ticket price is 20 roubles. 

Sula. Festival Goblet and Сrackling in Sula

Attention, secret: there is a friendly price for subscribers of Sula's social networks - 15 roubles. Just show your subscription at the entrance.

This price includes a standard one-hour excursion, which takes place several times a day according to the schedule, you just have to join the group on time. There is also an extended program for 4 hours, it is ordered for a group and is paid separately (or you can come on a holiday and hit this jackpot for free - for example, during Kupala Night). It includes workshops and other activities. Top things to do in Sula:

  • Take a ride on a drakkar
  • Forge yourself an arrowhead (part of a larger excursion)
  • Fly by helicopter (additional fee)
  • Make a wish at all places of power
  • Try local starka
  • Shoot a bow

Visit the festival Goblet and Crackling. This is the November traditional food festival. There are no such events nearby. The food is different: from national fast food to old and gourmet recipes that you have not even heard of. 

Sula. Festival Goblet and Сrackling in Sula

The head of the Guild of Belarusian Cooks and Chefs holds workshops here. Have you ever tried black gravy? Here you will be taught to cook it. This is a traditional gentry’s soup made from pork blood. It tastes much better than you imagine. And if you don’t like it, you can drink krambambulya or starka after it. Of course, the secrets of cooking will also be revealed. But Goblet and Crackling is not only about food. This is also about the culture of Belarusians: you will not notice how you will get involved in the gentry competitions - archery and crossbow shooting, throwing spears and axes, and other fun, for example, ancient dances. The highlight of the holiday in Sula is the preparation of something grandiose on the fire (for example, a huge pancake or a homemade sausage), of course, with tasting.

We bet that even if you subscribe to the park's social networks only for a discount, you will hardly want to unsubscribe after visiting, because Sula is the place where our Belarusian history really comes to life.