About the Church

On the eastern outskirts of the village, by the shore of Lake Beloe (Chareiskae), stands an ancient church. The history of this place dates back to the early 16th century when it was founded as part of the Basilian monastery by Bohdan Sapieha, giving rise to the stone Holy Trinity Church. According to other sources, in the late 16th century, Chancellor Lew Sapieha established the monastery along with the stone church, which earned the monastery the name "Belotserkovsky" (White Church) due to its white walls.

Entombed within the church's secret crypt are the parents of Lew Sapieha, while its walls were once adorned with a replica of the famous icon "Our Lady of the Sign". 

88. Свято-Троицкая Церковь

Restored in the 17th century by the renowned Italian architect Aristotele Fioravanti, who also constructed the Dormition Cathedral in Moscow, the church is a masterpiece of early Baroque architecture. Though today it stands in a semi-ruined state, some details remain untouched by time — the bell tower, unique brick vault, and sturdy walls, all testifying to its greatness and historical significance.