Abuzerie Farm Stay

This option is for those who do not want physical activity, but want to spend the weekend in an unusual place. You can simply come to the farm stay or rent a cottage and completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place. Why do people come here without renting their cottage? It's all about the orangery, in which plants outlandish for us grow: lemons, palms, bananas – and that's not all the plants! The hospitable owners of the farm stay also treat visitors with their homemade wine and desserts.

Abuzerie Farm Stay

Here it is allowed to pick fruits from trees and fish in season. Children can also try their hand at gardening in this farm stay. They can take care of plants in the orangery and observe sturgeons in the pool, which are already 10 years old.

Address: 31A Dachnaya Street, Abuzerie village

Site: abuzerie.by

Dry Pool Fundive

People no longer want to swim in this weather, but they want more warmth. But this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​going to the pool. To do this, we offer you an alternative to go to the "dry pool".

Dry Pool Fundive

The Horizon building has a pool filled with small soft balls. Both adults and children can “swim” in such a pool: the balls are not harmful to health, and you cannot drown in such a pool, which makes this place a good alternative to its “water” version.

Up to 10 people can be in the pool at the same time, so Fundive is also a great venue to hold holidays.

Address: 11 Masherov Avenue, Minsk

Website: fundive.by

DinoPark Dinosaur Park

It is an exciting place for children, but adults will also be interested in seeing the large and realistic animal figures. The peculiarity of the park is that the figures begin to come to life when approaching them – dinosaurs roar and move. The equipment is turned off at freezing temperatures, but the exhibits themselves remain in place. Therefore, you can easily come here at any time of the year and look at the unique animals.

DinoPark Dinosaur Park

A free audio tour is also available for visitors. There is also a QR code plate next to each figure. It allows you to find out information about the dinosaur from the audio recording.

Address: 40 Tashkent street, Minsk (Chizhovka)

Site: dinopark.by

Petting Zoo in the Titan Shopping Centre

If you do not like the dinosaur option, you can go and see real animals and touch them. For this purpose, there are petting zoos: one such zoo is located in the Titan shopping centre.

Petting Zoo in the Titan Shopping Centre

In the petting zoo, you can feed the animals, play with them or just enjoy their friendly company. All animals are human raised, so they are completely tame and will not harm anyone unless provoked. Here you can see sheep, goats, porcupines and raccoons. There are also quite domestic animals such as chinchillas, guinea pigs and budgerigars. Even exotic animals such as the iguana and the giant Achatina snail live in this zoo. Therefore, the inhabitants of the zoo may become an interesting company for visitors.

By the way, do not forget to ask the staff about the animals: you will learn a lot, and your visit will become even more informative!

Address: 104 Dzerzhinsky Avenue, building 2, Minsk

Site: titanshop.by

Even at that time of the year when you do not want to go out at all, you can find good reasons to do it! Despite the fact that nature freezes, we recommend that you continue to be interested in the world around you and look for new experiences in our country. Stay with Belarus.Travel because we have many more ideas for your vacation.