The unique floodplain natural system of the Berezina River, which gave the name to the reserve, boundless forests, and barely-passable marshes create ideal habitat conditions for the rarest large animals in Europe. Let’s lift the veil of reserved nature, and find out the value and uniqueness of the Berezinsky Reserve!

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Today, the European beaver can rightfully be called the real owner of the Berezina River. The need to preserve this species from extinction from the territory of our country was the main reason for the establishment of the Berezinsky Reserve in 1925. The remaining small families of beavers in the most distant corners of Belarus, including along the upper reaches of the Berezina River, urgently needed protection. The measures taken gave a positive result, and already in the late 50s, the beaver spread throughout the Berezina basin. Now there are more than 500 beavers in the Berezinsky Reserve, and the beaver is a symbol of the reserve.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Birds are considered a source of particular pride in the reserve. 58 species of birds out of 72 red-listed birds of the Republic of Belarus can be found here. A visit to the courtship display places of grouse birds in early spring will produce an unforgettable impression. And ornithologists are always willing to tell fresh and funny stories about migratory birds and their breeding grounds, show how their ringing occurs and why it is necessary.

Experienced guides of the reserve will teach you how to communicate with nature. The expositions in the Museum of Nature demonstrate the wealth of the faunal forms. In total, there are about 170 species of birds and 20 species of mammals, each of which lives in the Berezinsky Reserve. And in the forest zoo, you will meet the big five - elk, bison, bear, wolf, and lynx. Also, you can meet here other animals, such as deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, fox, and raccoon dog.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Sustainable tourism is also developed in the Berezinsky Reserve. The organizers offer walking, cycling, water, and horse-riding excursions into the wild. You can choose for your leisure time both one-day and multi-day tours. For your convenience, food and accommodation facilities are provided on-site. Visitors can stay in European-class hotels or guest houses with amenities for 4-8 people. You can go to the bathhouse in your free time.

Hunting tourism is especially popular in these places and is carried out exclusively based on Barsuki and Berezina hunting farms, located outside the boundaries of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

The picturesque hunting farms, with a total area of ​​63.5 thousand hectares, can suit the individual and group preferences of tourists in traditional types of wild ungulate animals hunting, as well as upland and water fowl hunting.

Deer, roe deer, wild boar, wolf, elk, beaver, black grouse, and capercaillie are of genuine interest to those who are enthusiastic about hunting.

Lovers of fishing are allowed amateur fishery in specially designated areas of the reserve.

Lake Bereshcha is situated outside the protected area within the boundaries of the Barsuki hunting farm, well-loved by fishermen for the abundance of fish. The most widespread fish species in the lake are pike, rudd, perch, crucian carp, roach, scavenger (bream), and ruff.

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve welcomes visitors at any time of the year. Choose a suitable type of leisure, and tour guides and jaegers, wedded to their work, will make your stay in the reserve not only unforgettable but also very informative!