The lakes are located in the territory of the Braslav Lakes National Park, founded in 1995 and occupying about 71.5 thousand hectares. The national park carries out environmental, scientific, recreational, tourist, and economic activities, including forestry, hunting, agriculture, and fishery. And four recreation facilities “Drivyaty”, “Leoshki”, “Zolovo”, “Slobodka” and more than 60 general and advanced booking tourist camps are located in the most beautiful parts of this lake region.

Braslav lakes are also called the blue necklace of Belarus of almost 300 pearls, equally beautiful, though different in size, shape, depth, composition, and transparency. The largest of them are Drivyaty, Snudy and Strusto lakes.

Braslav Lakes in Autumn

Visitors are treated to sweeping and breathtaking views from the highest point of the National Park, which is called Mayak Mountain! The panoramic view is quite astonishing!

Amazing beauty, pure air, and an abundance of lakes, rivers and streams - all this makes the park one of the most attractive in the country. And what could be better than relaxing on the shores of the lake?

Autumn in the Braslav lakes region, even without being as hot as summer, has its admirers, many of whom have already become belongings to here.

Braslav Lakes in Autumn

Let’s see how you can spend time on the Braslav lakes in autumn.

These are, of course, weekend tours with visits to the main sights of the region.

A romantic weekend at recreation facilities is a vacation for those who dream of escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city and spending the weekend surrounded by charming nature on the shores of a beautiful lake with a loved one.

Sightseeing boat trips on the lakes of Drivyaty, Strusto, and Snudy.

Braslav Lakes in Autumn

A variety of cycling routes, designed for any physical level, ranging from 2.5 to 60 kilometers, provide a unique opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature and watch animals in their natural habitat. By the way, bison, elk, deer, and roe deer feed at self-feeding stations - you have a great chance to take unforgettable photos.

Fascinating water routes of 21 to 95 kilometers long have been developed for those who like kayaking.

A quad biking tour of the safari park will be remembered for a long time not only by children but also by adults.

Braslav Lakes in Autumn

The tourist places of the Braslav Lakes National Park arrange fishing, where you will definitely experience something exciting, and fascinating hunting tours with the opportunity to take home hunting trophies. In addition, boats and catamarans, motorboats, kayaks, bicycles, hiking equipment, etc. can be rented. Here you will find everything you need for excellent outdoor recreation!

Such a magnificent pristine nature makes it possible to completely reboot. Come to the lakes not only to admire but also to swim, take a turn at the oars, sail, fish, and just relax by the fire to the sounds of a guitar and the breathtaking smell of fish soup and shashliks. So many important and pleasant things can be done on the Braslav Lakes in autumn!