One part of its territory lies in the area of the Polesian Lowland in the basins of several rivers, including the Pripyat, Berezina and Sozh. Gomel region borders on the Ukraine in the south, on Russia – in the east.

The administrative center of Gomel region is the city of Gomel.  There are many interesting and beautiful landmarks in the city, which attract a great number of tourists:

Gomel park
Palace and garden complex
Swan Pond
The Paskevich family’s Chapel-tomb
Peter and Paul’s Cathedral
Observation tower
Gomel fountains
The Museum of Gomel History
The Museum of Criminalistics
G.Kh. Vashchenko’s Art Gallery
Catholic church of the birth of the Virgin Mary
St. Ilya’s Old Believer Church
St. Nikolai’s Monastery
The Mound of Glory
Gomel sculptures and monuments

The largest cities of Gomel region are Zhlobin, Rechitsa, Kalinkovichi, Mozyr, Rogachev, Svetlogorsk.

In Gomel region you can visit a lot of interesting places. For example, in the town of Dobrush, there is a paper mill, which was founded in 1870. It used to be one of the largest factories in Europe.

The main sights of the town of Yelsk are the Trinity Church and the Museum of Local Lore.

In the town of Narovlya you can visit the Gorvatt family’s country estate, which was built in 1850.

The Avraamov family’s country estate is one of the places of interest in the town of Khoiniki. The greater part of the exhibition area is dedicated to the ethnography of the land: arts and crafts, weaving, pottery.

The town of Chechersk has been known since 12th century. In the 18th century it was called «Tiny Paris» due to a well-managed town planning. The landmarks of the town are:

  • The Town Hall
  • The Saviour Transfiguration Church

A unique «tourist brand» of the region is «The Golden Ring of Gomel Region», which includes nine localities: the towns of Vetka, Loev, Turov, Krasny Bereg, Chechersk, Mozyr, Rechitsa, Gomel, the village of Yurovichi (Kalinkovichi district).

There are more than 30 rivers in the region. The biggest lake on its territory is Chervonoye; its area is 44 km2.

Nowadays there are 156 agroecological estates in Gomel region. Every estate is unique in its own way. The owners of the homesteads do their best to meet the needs of the tourists.  They include into their visit programs such services as fishing, horseback riding, hunting, rafting and other things.

Health resort treatment is highly developed in Gomel region. The largest health care centers of the region are «Zolotye Peski» and «Serebryanye Klyuchi».

Those who prefer to take a rest in cities, we recommend to visit the Health Care Center «Chyonki». The visitors will enjoy a wide range of therapeutic and preventive procedures. People with respiratory diseases will feel relieved; they will stop worrying about allergy and attacks.

The best Health Care Center in Gomel region is «Solnechny Bereg», where everyone, who wishes, can take a unique procedure - naphthalanum treatment.