Mark Chagall Museums

One of the most prominent representatives of the avant-garde, Marc Chagall was born in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. In the same place, he learned the artistry of painting - from the Vitebsk artist Yudel Pan. However, at the age of 23, Chagall decided to continue his studies in Paris, becoming one of the prominent representatives of the Paris school.

The most famous painting by Chagall "Above the City" depicts his beloved and beloved Vitebsk. Residents of Vitebsk respond to the artist's reciprocity. There works the art center of Marc Chagall and the house-museum of Marc Chagall.

The house-museum of Marc Chagall is located close to all the main tourist attractions of Vitebsk, you only need to cross the Dvina. Here the avant-garde master spent his youth and childhood. In the museum yard there is a monument to Chagall - the composition is poetic name "Vitebsk melody on the French violin". The museum presents original everyday objects of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, as well as copies of archival documents and works by Chagall telling about his family's life in Vitebsk.

The art center of Marc Chagall is located on the other side of the Dvina. It is also housed in a beautiful two-story mansion of the XIX century. Find out what exactly is the art center of the renowned artist, not only thanks to the description, but also thanks to the bas-relief with the image of Chagall. This particular mansion is depicted in the famous Chagall painting "Above the City."

Арт-центр Марка Шагала

In the collection of the art center - more than 300 original works of the artist! Among them are woodcuts (engravings on wood), etchings (engravings on metal), lithographs (drawings created by printing from a stone), aquatints (engravings obtained by acid etching a metal plate).

In Vitebsk there are a lot of trains, buses and minibuses from Minsk.

We advise you to have a snack in the "Donuts", which are located opposite the amphitheater, "Zadvinje" or "Zhuravinka."

Finding a home - will not be a problem either. Thanks to the "Slavic Bazaar", a lot of n &пбсп; hotels for every taste and purse have been opened in the city. You can also rent apartment for a day.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko Manor

An important character for the Belarusian and Polish history and culture, the national hero of the United States and France. In the name of Tadeusz Kosciuszko is named the highest mountain in Australia. By the way, just two places in the Brest region are fighting for the right to be called the hero's small homeland.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko - national hero of the United States and France

The most common version says that Tadeusz Kosciuszko was born in the Merechovshchina tract near Kossovo. The memorial estate Tadeusz Kosciuszko is located a few kilometers from the center of Kossovo, near the majestic Pusłowski Palace. The House of Koscius was reconstructed, now it looks the same as 250 years ago. The museum acquaints visitors not only with the life of the famous Belarusian, but also with the everyday life of the middle gentry of that time.


Tadeusz Kosciuszko lived for five years in Malyi Sehnovichi (now Zhabinka district, Brest region), after returning from the war for independence the United States. Grateful villagers erected a monument near the school and opened a museum in honor of him. The museum has about 300 original exhibits. There are bullets and canister, found on the site of the battle of the Russian detachment with a detachment of Polish rebels under the Krupchitsy, various gifts of Polish delegations, which regularly come to the museum on February 4. The walls of the room are decorated with portraits, drawings of the manor, photographs of places connected with Kosciuszko, copies of documents.

Getting to Kossovo is not easy. By car, your path lies along the M1 road towards Ivatsevichi, and from there you need to drive 7 km along P44. By public transport you arrive by train from Minsk to Ivatsevichi. And then by bus to Kossovo. Be attentive: the railway station Kossovo is located 30 kilometers from the most populated point. You can eat around the house-museum in the local restaurant "Katsyushka."

Small Sekhnovichi is only 2 kilometers from Zhabinka. The road by train or car to Zhabinka will take approximately the same amount of time - about 4 hours. By car, select the E30 / M1 route. There are also several direct trains from Minsk. The best place to eat in Zhabinka, - the Rainbow Cafe.

Adam Mickiewicz House

Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz is also directly connected with Belarus. The greatest classic of Belarusian and Polish literature was born in the village of Zaosye in the Baranovichi district, and spent the first years of his life in Novogrudok.

The farmstead in the town of Zaosye is now working as a memorial museum. There you can not only learn about the life of Mickiewicz, but also look at the life of the Belarusian and Polish gentry of the early XIX century.

The house museum in Novogrudok, where Adam Mickiewicz lived until the age of 17, tells about the life of the poet's family. The house museum is not only a biographical museum exhibition devoted to the great poet Adam Mickiewicz - it is also a museum "in the open air": a restored nobleman's estate of the early 19th century: a house, a cage, a well, a gazebo. The museum is included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus. The exposition and the stories of the knowledgeable people are really interesting. Visit, you will not regret it.

Дом-музей Адама Мицкевича

You can get to Novogrudok in just two hours. From Minsk to Novogrudok - about 150 kilometers. Two hours by car on the highway M1, a little more - by bus, and you are already in the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

One of the best restaurants in Novogrudok - "Valeria". It is located near the station and has a high level of service. True, the prices there are also the highest in the city.

A cheaper option, it is more "Soviet", - Cafe "Svityaz". Young people should like the cafe, which is called - "Youth". And in the city center you will find the cafe "Legend" and the bar "Rome".

If you are planning to arrive in Novogrudok for a few days, stop at the hotel "Crocus", which is located within a few minutes walk from the city park. In addition to comfortable rooms, guests celebrate delicious breakfasts.

And if you want to get authentic, you can choose one of the many local agro-fairs.

Where to stay: the best hotel is Crocus, which is just a few minutes walk from the city park. The cheaper option is the hotel on the basis of the Sport-biathlon complex "Selets" is located in a quiet forest zone in the suburb of Novogrudok. There is a multi-bed, double, junior suite and deluxe rooms with TV. And if you want to be imbued with unique authenticity, you can choose one of the many local agro-fairs.

Homeland of Shimon Peres

President of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres was born in the town of Vishnevo, 92 kilometers from Minsk. One of the most prominent Israeli politicians repatriated at the age of 11. But the memory of him in Vishnevo lives today.

A memorial tablet hangs on the house where the Israeli president was born. The locals willingly show the way to this place - there are many tourists in Vishnevo, so they are already used to it.

True, this house - reconstruction. This house burned down during the Second World War. Come - try the water from the well, from which in childhood drank Shimon Peres. The local people say that it is the most delicious and healing in the place.

In the local House of Culture there is a museum dedicated to Shimon Peres. There you can see photos of the patriarch of Israeli politics and his family.

Дом Шимона Переса

Perez himself remembered his native village and even came there several times.

From Minsk to Vishnevo, you can get there in just an hour and a half along the Grodno M6 highway. By public transport you can go by bus.

Dinner is best in Volozhin. The best restaurant is "Mix" in the city center.

Ilya Repin and his manor

Although Ilya Repin was not born in Belarus, he often came here. 15 km from Vitebsk is the manor "Zdravnevo". The artist spent 8 summer seasons here, during which he wrote more than 40 canvases, sketches and drawings.

Now in the estate of Repin there is a museum dedicated to the artist and the history of the estate. In the house everything is saturated with repin's spirit. So far, objects belonging to Repin have survived. There are also copies of the artist's works in Zdravnevo.

Zdravnevo itself is a very beautiful place. Around the manor, for example, is an amazing garden. Local residents say that there is a break in the earth's crust. Scientific evidence for this on the Internet, we did not find. But the fact that the entire bank of the Dvina here is covered with ancient dolomite layers that have come to the surface, is a fact. These are the Upper Devonian deposits formed 400 million years ago. At that time on the planet reigned ferns and amphibians. From the remains of the creatures that settled on the bottom of the sea, layers of dolomite were formed. It looks impressive.


Getting to Zdravnevo is not easy. On a private car, drive to Orekhovsk on E30 / M1, and then turn left onto the M8 and drive straight to Zdravnevo. With public transport the situation is more complicated. First you need to get to Vitebsk, and then by bus to Zdravnevo. Or on foot.

The village of Feodor Dostoevsky

At one of the main classics of Russian literature, ancestors come from Polissya. A writer in the Ivanovo region of the Brest region Dostoevo owes his name, and she to him - fame. Dostoevsky owned Dostoyev for more than three hundred years.

Unfortunately, the manor house of Dostoevsky did not survive, but without it there were many reminders about the great writer in the village. By the way, Fyodor Mikhailovich himself was not in the homeland of his ancestors - during his life the village belonged to another family.

However, this fact does not prevent the present inhabitants of Dostoevo from honoring his famous almost-that-countryman. In the village they even installed a giant monument to Fyodor Mikhailovich. A well-known writer is shown sitting on a chair with his arms crossed.

памятник Достоевскому

You can get to Dostoevo by car from Minsk. The journey takes about 3.5 hours. Keep the path along the route M1 to Ivatsevichi, and after them turn on Р6. On public transport, you will first have to go to Pinsk, and from there - to the regional center of Ivanovo by train. Several times a day, buses run from Ivanovo to Dostoevo.

You can have lunch again in the district center - the city of Ivanovo. The best local restaurant is called "Under the Limes".