Hunting tourism is often treated as sport tourism because tourists spend a lot of time outdoors and on the go. But this type of tourism is different as it requires obtaining special permits. That is why hunting tourism is a hobby not for everyone.

But, nevertheless, you definitely should try it in Belarus if you ever had such a desire. There are many places for hunting in our country: the hunting area is 17.1 hectares. Moreover, Belarusian forests are full of various kinds of game: hares, squirrels, wolves, foxes, bison, as well as many birds. In general, 53 wild animal species can be hunt in Belarus.

And do not forget about the nature of Belarus: our country is known for its forests and lakes. So you will definitely have pleasant memories of your holidays in Belarus.

Where Can You Hunt in Belarus?

Where Can You Hunt in Belarus?

Different types of hunting are available for tourists in different countries. The following types are popular in Belarus:

  • wolf hunting: there are no restrictions on it, so you can hunt wolves all year round. In addition, there are different wolf hunting methods: fladry, calling hunting, ambush hunting, and some others.
  • collective hunting is hunting by a group of tourists under the guidance of an experienced hunter.
  • plume hunting is, in other words, bird hunting. This type offers the greatest variety of game that a hunter can get.
  •  fur game hunting: you can hunt both with or without firearms.
  •  individual hunting: you can hunt independently or be accompanied by a jaeger from the hunting farm.

As we can already see, hunting tourism is diverse even within our country and is suitable for all skill levels. You just have to choose where you want to hunt. We suggest that you consider Shychynshchyna (Grodno region).

Where Can You Hunt in Shychyn District?

We have already mentioned that hunting is a good way to experience nature and the Shychyn District is a great place to do this since there you can find untouched nature and thick forests. There are several farms providing services for hunters in Shychynshchyna:

Shchuchyn Forestry Agency

Visitors of this forestry agency hunt wild boars, roe deer, hares, ducks. Moreover, they can fish in the Neman and adjacent rivers. Hiking trails, cycling, canoeing, guided tours to the historical sites of the Shchuchyn district are provided for the guests. So the tourists can participate in other interesting activities besides their hunt. 

Address: Shchuchyn, 3 Kuybyshev st.

Zhilstroy Hunting and Fishing Farm

Zhilstroy Hunting and Fishing Farm

This hunting farm boasts an abundance of game in its territory: moose, red deer, European roe deer, river beavers, and other animals. The tourists will enjoy the beautiful nature of the Oziory and Kotra reserved forests, on the territory of which the hunting farm is located. Moreover, Zhilstroy is surrounded by 5 rivers and 8 lakes.

So you should come here if you want to enjoy beautiful views and productive hunting.

Address: Shchuchynskiy district, the village of Ostrino, 71 Stankevicha st.

Kamenskoye Hunting and Fishing Farm

Kamenskoye Hunting and Fishing Farm

Roe deer, moose, hares, foxes, muskrats, ducks, woodcocks, partridges and other species of birds and animals can be hunted here. The farm offers good rest and careful organization of the hunting expeditions with the help of experienced hunters and jaegers.

Address: Grodno region, Shchuchynskiy district, Kamensky village council, village Shchuki.

Try hunting tourism in the Shchuchynskiy district to combine risky hunting with a relaxing outdoor recreation!