Hunting Tourism. Where to Hunt in Belarus?

Hunting tourism is a type of travel that suits risky and active people. This type of tourism is quite expensive and requires certain preparations. A tourist has to obtain various licenses and to a find highly skilled hunting escort, which also affects the price of the tours.

But at the same time, this type of tourism is still popular, especially among those who like outdoor recreation.

Hunting Tourism in Belarus

Belarus is known for its beautiful nature. Moreover, there are a lot of wild animals that can hardly be found in other European countries. The Belarusian hunting area is about 17 million hectares. Therefore, foreign tourists often come to Belarus to hunt.

Hunting Tourism in Belarus

The Belarusian forests are inhabited by moose, red deer, European roe deer, wolves, hares, foxes, squirrels, martens, and such protected animals as bison, lynxes, and brown bears. And if bison (but only the ones from the reserve gene pool) can still be hunted, lynxes and brown bears are included in the Red Book and their hunting is severely punished.

Where Can You Hunt in Belarus?

As we have said before, there are plenty of hunting lands in our country. We can't but mention such places as the Braslaw Lakes, Belavezhskaya Pushcha, Bely Bor, Krasny Bor, and the Hunting Company Lebedinoe.

Where Can You Hunt in Belarus

The Braslaw Lakes

This lake group is a Belarusian landmark and its beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. However hunters also have stuff to do here.

There is a hunting area of 221 hectares. Here you can meet beavers, ducks, moose, hares, and other animals. The hunters are provided with a full range of services here: meeting, accommodation in the park, hunting, and many others.

Belavezhskaya Pushcha

Wolves, forest martens, foxes, roe deer, wild boars, moose, and other varmints and large ungulates live in Belavezhskaya Pushcha.

Where Can You Hunt in Belarus

The Vygonovskoye Hunting Farm organises the hunting there. Favorable conditions for the existence of animals are constantly maintained in its territory, so there are a lot of animals and everyone will have good hunting there.

Bely Bor

You can experience various types of seasonal hunting in the Bely Bor Hunting Farm. Here you can hunt wild boars, moose, roe deer, hares, beavers, waders, waterfowl, as well as axis and red deer, mouflons, and fallow deer. A huge number of animals and comfortable recreational facilities will make the rest both enjoyable and relaxing for tourists.

Krasny Bor

Krasny Bor is the hunting farm with the largest number of trophy animals. Deer, moose, badgers, wolves, foxes, raccoon dogs, as well as capercaillies, black grouses, and other animals can be found here. Mouflons and fallow deer, unusual animals for this area, also live here.

Therefore, diversity fans should definitely visit Krasny Bor for hunting.

Hunting Company Lebedinoe

Here you can hunt moose, wild boars, roe deer, upland games (capercaillies, black grouses), and other wild fowls (ducks, woodcocks), as well as fur-bearing animals. There are plenty of lakes (more than 30) in the Hunting Company Lebedinoe, and it attracts tourists with its magnificent plains, hills, and lowlands.


Therefore, Lebedinoe is not only a great place to hunt but also a picturesque countryside where it is pleasant to relax.

If you would like to try hunting, choose one of the abovementioned hunting farms — and you won't be disappointed!