All over the world, industrial tourism is no longer something new, because it is good not only for tourists but also for manufacturers. This is a great way to advertise your company and earn extra money. But in Belarus, this type of tourism is just beginning to emerge.
For example, there are more than two hundred companies in the Gomel region and only 25 of them are ready to conduct tours, but very few people even know about their existence. The reason for such an unimpressive figure is that many companies need time to prepare and implement this idea.
Now let's talk about the companies that welcome visitors.

Confectionery Factory Spartak

Despite the fact that the Confectionery Factory was founded in 1924, it began to develop industrial tourism in 2018. The company is famous for the production of about 350 products.


The new route acquaints tourists with the history of the Factory and clearly demonstrates the production process. The guides are experienced employees who provide detailed information on the stages of formation, development, as well as on the current business of the company.

The program includes visiting the chocolate, biscuit, caramel, waffle, and candy and chocolate shops, tasting, and an information block.

Byelorussian Steel Works

The Works regularly hosts Open Doors Days, during which visitors can take a circular sightseeing tour at the production site, see the works museum, and enjoy the exhibition of various goods and finished products. In addition, the company organises interesting cultural events and a drawing competition among children “I Want to Be a Steelworker”. The visitors can participate in a quiz or watch a film about the working processes in the company.

Byelorussian Steel Works

A feature of such days is a fashion show during which the workers walk the runway wearing work clothes and a showcase of a new uniform. Anyone can take a picture with the equipment or in a steelworker uniform. And people who would like to work here can create a CV together with specialists!

JSC Rechitsadrev

JSC Rechitsadrev includes the following enterprises: chipboard and plywood plants, a furniture factory, forestry, and other workshops.

During a tour to the furniture factory, you will learn about the maintained international quality standards, from what materials the furniture is produced, and what is the secret of its beauty, reliability, and safety.

There are also many interesting things to learn at the chipboard plant: it was completely rebuilt in 2014 and the largest finished product output was 8,000,000 square meters — and this is only laminated chipboard produced by one line.

Byelorussian Steel Works

The plywood plant will surprise you with its high physical and mechanical technologies, and the resin plant will amaze you with seven recipes for manufacturing chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, and decorative film.

JSC Gomel Distillery Radamir

The products of this distillery are famous not only for their quality but also for the beauty of the presentation. Today, JSC Gomel Distillery Radamir is a highly mechanized modern enterprise. The introduction of modern technologies and new equipment has been the key to the success of the company.

JSC Gomel Distillery Radamir

If you have ever wondered what a distillery looks like from the inside you should definitely visit this one. It looks respectable and modernized, it develops dynamically in all directions.

The tour will reveal all the secrets (or most of them) of the distillery work and its quality systems.

Industrial tourism is suitable for everyone: both for those who are looking for a job and for those who are looking for an interesting leisure activity. So, if you want to dilute your daily routine, feel free to check the forthcoming activities on the Internet and explore the companies. You will get unforgettable emotions and knowledge!