Neman Glassworks

By visiting the tour of the glassworks, you will undoubtedly get acquainted with the masterpieces of famous masters, and watch the entire production cycle. The most interesting thing for visitors is to watch how very fragile figures of various shapes and colors come into being from a red-hot flame!

Industrial Tourism in the Grodno Region

The museum possesses brand milk-smoked glass “Neman thread”, noble crystal, and many exhibits awarded with prizes and diplomas of prestigious international shows. Many items in the museum are over a hundred years old!

Address: 8 Korzyuk St., Berezovka town.

Molochny Mir JSC

One of the leading companies in the dairy industry in Belarus invites adults and children to set off on an exciting journey, during which you will observe the process of turning milk into cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or chocolate glazed curd bars.

Molochny Mir JSC

Here, right above the workshops, a long glass gallery was built, walking along which and accompanied by experienced cheese makers, you will see the whole way of milk from entering the enterprise to the foodstuff manufacturing and ask the enterprise’s professionals your questions.

After you carefully consider everything, the most pleasant thing awaits you - tasting the products!

Address: 28 Gaspadarchaya St., Grodno.

Gronitex JSC

Gronitex JSC conducts excursions both to the museum room and directly to the production for everyone. The enterprise strives to preserve its best pages of history and unique team traditions and is ready to share them with its visitors in the museum room.

Gronitex JSC

The exposition occupies an area of ​​almost 90 square meters and is based on the interweaving of two ideas: the idea of ​​a thread and the idea of ​​a woman, a woman’s destiny. Here you will be told about the thread’s history, the spinning process’s history, and the enterprise’s history. Be sure to visit one of the major enterprises - it will be very interesting!

Address: 91 Gorky St., Grodno.

Ditva Peat Briquette Plant JSC

The tour includes visiting the railway station, the railway depot, and the inspection of equipment. Then you will board the train and travel along the active and recultivated peat extraction fields. The route runs along a narrow gauge track, the length of which is about 10 km one way. You will also be able to see the production base with peat extraction equipment. Guided tours and a lively discussion of everything of interest are conducted along the entire route.

You will have a lot of vivid impressions and positive emotions!

Address: Ditva agrotown, Lida district.

Lidapishcheconcentraty JSC

The company arranges tours of production sites. Everyone can get acquainted with the process of making a much-loved delicacy - TM Khrumstik corn curls. You will see the full production process of corn curls, from the production of a semi-finished product to the packaging of the finished product, and you will be able to taste the products. This is a very delicious tour!

Lidapishcheconcentraty JSC

At the end of the tour, be sure to visit the company store, where you can buy mugs with the image of Khrumstik, magnets, pens, notepads, and much more as a souvenir.

Address: 11 Tavlaya St., Lida, Grodno region.

This is not a complete list of industrial tours of the Grodno region, they are available in completely different industries.

And if you are still thinking about a cheerful option for unusual leisure activities with friends, colleagues, or the whole family, choose industrial tourism. Have an amazing learning experience!