Dvinskii Brovar (Dvinsky Brewery)

If you want to see how real beer is made, you have to go to Dvinskii Brovar. Why is it real? Here is the answer: it consists of only 4 ingredients — malt, hops, yeast, and water. That is why the draught beer is stored for 7 days because of the absence of preservatives. Other brewers add rice and corn grits, but Dvinskii Brovar stays in line with the German brewing traditions.

Dvinskii Brovar (Dvinsky Brewery)

Interesting fact about the brewery: it was completely built in the German city of Monheim, and then moved to Vitebsk along with the buildings, equipment, and German brewing experts.

If you want to learn more, please contact the factory: tours are organized upon prior appointment.

Polotsk Drinks and Concentrates

They also make beer according to the traditional scheme, which has nothing unnecessary. In addition, the Polotsk Drinks and Concentrates also produces mineral water, kvass, as well as kvass wort concentrate and malt extracts. 

The factory’s approach to organizing excursions for groups of children is amazing: a special program for all ages has been developed. Children will get acquainted with the process of kvass making and will even be allowed to taste it. And a fairy tale character Kvasyanya will entertain them and arrange contests for them.

Verkhnedvinsky Creamery

Let’s switch from the topic of drinks to the topic of cheeses and oils. Yes, there is the Verhnedvinsk Creamery in Vitebsk region where they also take tourists on excursions. The best part of it is the tasting of 8-9 kinds of cheeses made at the factory. Among them are Parmesan, Gouda, Mozzarella, Ricotta and others. So if you want to taste such a variety of cheeses and learn from the employees about the difference between each of them, this place is a must-visit for you.

Verkhnedvinsky Creamery

You will also witness the cheese making process at the Verhnedvinsk Creamery: from the delivery of milk to packaging. It is forbidden to enter the production workshops, but there is a special glass gallery at the factory from which visitors can watch the whole process.

Tourists can also visit the company store and buy souvenirs if they wish. The option of lunch in the cafe “With Taste” is also available, if a visitor decides to benefit from all the opportunities offered by the factory.

Orsha Linen Mill

Finally, let’s talk about a non-edible, but very important enterprise of Belarus — the Orsha Linen Mill. It is the only factory producing linen fabrics in the republic and the largest one in Europe. The guides will tell you about the peculiarities of the technologies and will show every stage of the production. In addition, the tourists will learn about the history of linen fabrics and visit the company store, where they will find the whole range of products and buy souvenirs.


Another good reason to visit Orsha Linen Mill is the fact that a tour for a group of more than 15 people is free of charge!

We told you about 4 enterprises of Vitebsk region, which are ready to arrange a tour and tell in living colour about the finer points of technological processes and peculiarities of products. Of course, there are many more enterprises to visit, but you have to start somewhere! So keep traveling together with BelarusTravel and discover new interesting places of our country