The best of the best

We will introduce you a little closer to Belarusian cuisine and tell you about some of the most delicious meals.

“Draniki” is the most popular dish in Belarusian national cuisine. These are potato pancakes. We do not know any person who would not like traditional potato pancakes!


They are usually served with sour cream, butter, and mushrooms.

“Žur” is a Belarusian soup, which is prepared with sour flour and has a slightly sour taste. The soup is very hearty and warming. This dish is recommended to eat not with bread, but with “kliocki” (dumplings) (another national delicacy).
“Kulaha” or “saladukha” can be called a highlight of Belarusian cuisine. This dessert will allow nobody to stay indifferent! Various wild berries, honey, rye flour... The dessert is baked in the oven, but it is always served cold. Even those indifferent to sweeties will appreciate the delicate flavor of this traditional dish.

Places where you can enjoy Belarusian cuisine


The restaurant is located in the center of Minsk at 40 Karl Marx St. There are always visitors here because the food in this restaurant is excellent. And live music evenings are arranged for you from Thursday to Saturday. We suppose that guests will be amazed at the interesting decor and good service.


Foreign guests are always thrilled by this place. The Talaka restaurant is an accurate representation of Belarusian culture. There is a rather modest, no-frills restaurant, but it is tasty and very atmospheric here.


The menu of this establishment is based on the book “The History of Belarusian Cuisine”, which is recognized as a historical document. In addition to common national treats, delicacies are also cooked here. For example, you can order a baked rabbit or try venison here.


Delicious authentic food served in national dishware, beautifully decorated room, unusual liqueurs - this is all about Kamyanitsa. This is the first-ever restaurant in Minsk, which specializes in Belarusian cuisine.


The prices here are quite attractive and there is plenty to choose from. You might want to try “deruny” (potato fritters) and “draniki”, as well as a cup of herbal tea with herbs gathered in Belovezhskaya Pushcha!


The concept of the restaurant is aimed at reminding visitors of the history of the Belarusian lands, which were once the center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In those days, our people were called “Litvins”. In this restaurant, you can try dishes prepared following old recipes and “new Belarusian cuisine” (improved traditional dishes that you can try only here). The decor of the restaurant impresses deeply, and the atmosphere is fascinating. Here you can try wonderful traditional desserts that will have your heart set on them for a long haul!


We are hopeful your stomach hasn’t rumbled after reading our article. And if you still get hungry, that’s not such a big deal already. Bon appetit!