History of the city

It was founded about 10 centuries ago, and was first mentioned in 1044, although it is impossible to say for sure — scientists have not yet come to a common answer. 

At first, Novogrudok was a small settlement under the control of Kievan Rus and was called Novgorodok. Several times archaeologists excavated the city to understand its history to the full. Thus, they realized that relations with the countries and cities of the Byzantine Empire, the East and Europe had been established here since its foundation. Due to the fact that Novogrudok is located on a hill, our ancestors decided to build a castle there, which has partially survived to this day

In the 13th century, the city became the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, as it reached its economic and cultural development. At the same time the entire Grand Duchy of Lithuania flourished and the coronation of Mindaugas and his wife took place.

Several reasons to go to Novogrudok

There are many reasons, of course, but five would be enough:

  • Reason one — the Castle Mountain.
Reason one — the Castle Mountain

The construction of the city began with it, and here lie the ruins of the medieval castle, which served as a defense for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the residence of the princes and their families. Over time, the building lost its main purpose and succumbed to destruction. The castle finally disappeared at the beginning of the 18th century. 

Now this place remains a symbol of the bravery of the inhabitants of the city. Everything found during the excavation of the mountain is protected in the city museum. And tourists love this place for the feeling of complete freedom and independence.

  • Reason two — the Mound of Mindaugas.

The name of the place speaks for itself — the Grand Duke Mindaugas is buried here. It is assumed that he was buried according to pagan customs and then burned at the stake. In the 17th century, a cemetery appeared next to his remains, the graves and monuments of which have survived to this day.

  • Reason three — the House-Museum of Adam Mickiewicz.
Reason three — the House-Museum of Adam Mickiewicz.

Many people think that Adam Mickiewicz has nothing to do with Belarus and is associated only with Poland, but this is not true. The poet was born here — near Novogrudok — and spent the first years of his life here. He often wrote about his homeland: the poem “Dziady” tells about the ancient traditions of his ancestors, “Grazhina” tells the story of the castle on the Castle Mountain and the life of the princess.

Nowadays, the house of Adam Mickiewicz’s parents is a real museum. Here you can see the poet’s personal clothes, feel the atmosphere of the noblemen's estate, hear the original poems.

  • Reason four — the Transfiguration Church.
Reason four — the Transfiguration Church.

They say that the very first church was erected here back at the end of the 14th century, where the wedding of Jagiello and Sophia of Halshany, who started the new Jagiellonian dynasty, took place. In its place now there is a church built at the end of the 18th century, which saw the baptism of Adam Mickiewicz himself. There are also the remains of the servants who were repressed in 1943.

  • Reason five — Rice kvass.

The unusual drink has become a true highlight of the city. The local distillery started to produce it. It is made with rice mushrooms and fermentation, then a little cranberry and currant are added for a richer flavor. “Risovit” can be found in city cafes and stores.

Novogrudok is indeed a very bright and memorable city, rich in historical and cultural entertainment. Once you come here, you will not want to go back home!