Svisloch — Minsk

Imagine, now you can go kayaking around the capital. The route starts in the Drozdy reservoir. Then you can go to Lake Komsomolskoye or Pobedy Park — it depends on the service-providing company. A lot of foreigners choose this route because they are surprised by the fact that they can go kayaking right in the city center. This is impossible in all other European capitals!


First and foremost is the issue of security: the water in the city is not the cleanest one. Therefore companies choose the headstream routes for their customers.

The Isloch Route

Experienced kayakers have already tired of this route because almost all tourists start with it. 


What makes this river so charming? It is one of the most picturesque places in our country. The water in the river is clean but very cold. It is a common thing to see trout in the Isloch water, and its banks are covered with forests. There are many obstacles (such as fallen trees, stones, and rapids) in the river. You will definitely get bored there. As far as it is a medium graded route, you have to be very careful and strong enough to take it. And of course, it is worth noting that you will not have to look for a transfer to get to the Isloch — it is only 30-40 kilometers away from Minsk.

Diving the History of the Sula River

This very interesting route is popular among curious and attentive people. Once there were a lot of mills used on the banks of the river and some of them have even survived to this day. There, you can make stops and inspect the old abandoned red brick house both inside and outside.


A hundred years ago, ships sailed along this river, but during the Great Patriotic War, forests were cut down for the needs of the army, and the water left. Today the situation is not getting any better, but kayaking is allowed and tourists can still enjoy it. The route is not considered difficult, though there may be some obstacles and debris. But they add zest to it.

Route from the Servech River to the Viliya River

This route is sometimes called “the mountain river” because here you will face debris and obstacles, flooded banks, carnivorous wild birds at every turn. Though, in general, it is a very quiet place. Moreover, this route is sometimes accompanied by an excursion to the Ilovsky Fruit Cannery, where you will definitely be offered to taste the wine.


The views from the Viliya River are very picturesque. The river is very twisty, so you will definitely not be bored, though the route is considered pretty simple.

To sum up, if you are planning some outside activities kayaks will be a perfect choice because it is not only about sports, but also about enjoying nature!