How has the Street Changed?

Back in 2018, a public debate on the future of Lenin pedestrian street was held. Not only concerned citizens but also the representatives of the city committee discussed the problem.

Pinsk Pedestrian Street Project

The street had already had a rich history by that time: for over 600 years it had been rebuilt and renamed many times, trees had been planted and cut down along the street. It runs through the city center and is about 800 meters long. Initially, the street was used by vehicles, but by 2014 it became completely pedestrian.

Debate History

Various issues were discussed during the debate: for example, that the street ended with nothing and there were almost no places to sit when it's cold. The ideas of holding fairs, exhibitions, creating installations, and erecting sculptures were proposed as an alternative.

Many experts also noticed that the pedestrian street in Pinsk was decorated and built better than the Minsk and Brest ones.

Global changes were not immediately introduced because the city authorities expected new, interesting suggestions from the citizens.

First Cultural Events

The first implemented part of the Pinsk Pedestrian Street Project was the holding of the Crossroads Festival — a festival of free art dedicated to the ninth of May. Musicians, artists, actors, artisans, painters, and ordinary people who wanted to show their talents and share their creativity with others participated in it.

Pinsk Pedestrian Street Project

According to the citizens, it was a real open theater where you could meet remarkably interesting people, relax, and have fun.

In 2021, the fourth Festival was held, and it had the same success as the first one.

What is on the Pedestrian Street?

In 2017, a sculpture of a Polesie Man was placed at the beginning of the street. The man has a bent little finger and as if he is saying "First of all, I am from Pinsk." Initially, people treated this inhabitant of Polesie with contempt but now everyone loves him. The city residents and tourists are happy to take photos with the Polesie Man.

Pinsk Pedestrian Street Project

The buildings of the street remained the same as they had been in Western Belarus in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Moreover, the buildings have been recognized as architectural monuments.

Features of the Pedestrian Street

The architects managed to combine the historical and modern atmosphere: bright cafes and summer patios opened in the old buildings; new tile was laid on the street. You can find a bench in the shadow of green trees to hide from the sun. There is even a "takeoff runway" — special road illumination — on the street.

On weekends, people bring and sell their hand-made goods. And as soon as it gets dark, street musicians gather on the street, creating a romantic atmosphere.

So, you can have every kind of pleasure on the main street of Pinsk: to have fun with friends, to relax or to eat, to learn the history of the city. The signs and markings on the street make the navigation easy for any traveler. So you will have no difficulties with buying magnets, various wooden souvenirs, books, and photographs of the city. The celebrations dedicated to the Independence Day of Pinsk, Victory Day, City Day, Day of Cultural Workers; live concerts of street and famous musicians, discos, Christmas fairs, theatrical performances, and animal exhibitions are held here. Pinsk Pedestrian Street is a must see place!