Belovezhskaya pushcha

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the largest primeval forest in Europe. Here you can find bisons and lynxes that are rare in the world, and more than half of the plants that are growing in the country. If the cold will blow, you know, Santa Claus’ residence is nearby.


AUGUSTOW CHANNEL (a unique water system)



Part of this unique channel is located in Belarus and a part is located in Poland. Crossing the interstate border, kayaking or by boat is considered quite an adventure by the locals. In addition, since October 2016 you do not need a visa for doing this. The channel connects seven lakes and is ideal for those who prefer recreationional activities.



Nalibokskaya Puscha

Nalibokskaya Puscha is a real mystical place. According to tradition, a church once located here sank and a lake with a surprisingly smooth coastline appeared in its place. They say that in the quiet of the night over the water, you can hear the sound of bells. The Lavrishevsky monastery that was built side by side, on the left bank of the Neman, suddenly appeared on the right bank of the river. Did you know there is also a famous Naliboksky alcoholic beverage?



Moors occupy about 60% of Berezinsky Reserve. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see how the lady’s slipper orchids blossom and the iridescent colors of marshy meadows. Locals say that in the Berezinsky Reserve frogs croak in synchronous collaboration. Worth checking out!


YELNYA (moor)


Yelnya is one of the largest moors in Europe. Here you will find tons of cranberries, lingonberries and blueberries. Its second name is "bird house". About 7,000 cranes and hundreds of species of migratory birds make a stop here. A little secret of hospitable Yelnya is that if you forget to bring your water, do not worry. Next to the moor, you will find more than 100 crystal clear lakes, which you can drink from.



Braslav lakes

There are 74 picturesque lakes, 30 species of fish, more than 10 kinds of hunting and 2 environmental tracks – everyone will find something that they enjoy. Climb Mayak (Lighthouse) hill and try not to admire the opened view. Be warned: it will be difficult.




Naroch is a blue pearl of Belarus; it is the largest and cleanest lake. It’s a sandy beach with white swans that you have a chance to see all from the view of a helicopter. You can visit the park of rare plants and learn how to dive.



Blue Lakes

The natural system "Blue Lakes" has the status of a key botanical territory of Belarus. In addition to picnics and swimming, we invite you to go to the Forest Museum to learn about the main natural wealth of Belarus. By the way, it is located in the forest. After all the heard legends of Blue Lakes, be sure to wash in the refreshing Boltiksky spring.