What is religious tourism in Belarus?

Many people associate religious tourism with a pilgrimage, i.e. a journey of believers to sacred places to venerate relics and sacred images and to deepen their faith. The prominent figures known all over the world such as Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Cyril of Turov and Valentina of Minsk were born in Belarus. They left a number of remarkable marks on the map and in the history of our country. On the other side, people of different religious denominations and mindset are interested in religious tourism because it provides a deeper understanding of the culture of Belarus. Many religious monuments are real architectural treasures and are included into the world’s heritage. When you see them, you become acquainted with the wonderful stories of the times of our ancestors.

Orthodox church

Popular routes

If you set off on such an unusual journey in Belarus, you should visit its sacred places. Travelers especially like the following places:

  • The Churches of Minsk tour. You will see the famous Red Church, St. Elisabeth Convent and the Church of All Saints – the largest Orthodox church in Belarus. You can visit them and enjoy the urban landscape;
Red Church
  • The Pilgrim Journey to St. Valentina includes a trip to the place where the Belarusian saint Valentina of Minsk was buried, a prayer service, and a visit to St. Nicolas Church in Stankovo Village;
  • A tour to Polotsk – the Orthodox jewel of Belarus. You will see the legendary St. Sophia Cathedral. Believers can set to the saint’s relics in the Savior and St. Euphrosyne Convent and listen to the haunting organ music in the cathedral;
  • The Slonim-Zhyrovichy-Synkovichy tour is a journey to spiritual centers of Belarus which includes the acquaintance with the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Slonim, Zhyrovichy Monastery, and St. Michael Church in Synkovichy. Also, a visit to the font basin is arranged for tour participants.

What does religious tourism include?

The key feature of such journeys is their program which is aimed to spiritually enrich travelers, help them look at themselves and find harmony. Our tours include the following:

Monasteries, convents and churches

As a rule, believers come to church for a short time: to pray, go through a ceremony, take part in a sacrament. Our tours will allow you to understand the local lifestyle, get to know the history of a sacred place and its peculiarities. Monasteries and convents also open their doors to believers: you can see a cell, taste abstentious meal, do some work for probationers, and take part in a prayer. There are 25 active monasteries and convents in Belarus. The most famous of them are the Savior and St. Euphrosyne Convent in Polotsk, Holy Dormition Monastery in Zhyrovichy, St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, and Dormition Monastery in Pustynki Village. You can visit all of them!

Springs and font basins

People have derived strength from water since ancient times curing their souls' ailments and physical afflictions. The appearance of springs is often connected with miraculous stories; that is why churches were built near springs. People say that healing springs have “living water” – nature itself enriches springs with useful microelements which have a good effect on health. Numerous prayers at springs create a remarkable atmosphere which invites to a prayer and heals the soul. Among the well-known springs are the Zhyrovichy Spring, Blue Spring near Slavgorod, Rakov Spring, Krupets Spring, Zhyvonosly Spring near Vitovka Village, etc.

Religious holidays and events

A tour can give you particular joy and sense when it coincides with special events. It is difficult to express in words the solemn atmosphere during Christmas or Easter services, the reverence of Cross Processions, and the sublimity of musical performances. Popular religious events in Belarus include the spiritual music festivals Mahutny Bozha and Sing, sing to Our God; the Festival of Painted Easter Eggs in Sopotskyn Village; the youth festivals Odigitria and While We Are Young; the concerts of organ music Zvany Safii, etc. Religious tourism can be fascinating, breathtaking and diverse at any time of the year!