It is thanks to these aquatic riches that a real wonder of the world has emerged here, which tourists from all over the world come to see. It is called the Herodotus Sea in Belarus. This unique "seasonal dish" can be seen only once a year at a specific time. And if you are lucky enough to have a vacation in spring, it is worth embarking on an exciting journey to see it.

Sea of Herodotus in Belarus

Where is the Herodotus Sea?

Don't even try to find the Herodotus Sea on the map – it is not there. The phantom Belarusian sea appears only during the flooding of the Pripyat River and turns Polesie into a boundless Amazon. It is located in the Pripyat National Park, partially covering the Olmansky Swamps. Tourists have "trampled" a new eco-trail here in the form of a wooden walkway, as they come to admire nature all year round. But the journey becomes truly breathtaking only in spring.

Sea of Herodotus in Belarus

A trip to history: where did the sea in Belarus come from, where did it disappear, and why is it called Herodotus' Sea?

Not so long ago, in the late Middle Ages, the Belarusian Sarmatian sea-lake stretched from Pinsk to Slonim, Mozyr, and Brest. This is confirmed by the maps of Woeple, Muenster, Mercator, and other cartographers of those times.

The very first mention of the marvelous sea is found in the works of the father of history, as Cicero called him, Herodotus of Halicarnassus, who lived long before our era. That is why the Belarusian wonder is called "Herodotus' Sea".

Sea of Herodotus in Belarus on the map

Gradually, the sea dried up and decreased in size (there is a theory that it was formed during the last retreat of glaciers). At first, the large but shallow sea turned into a lake, as it was fed only by local rivers. Later, only swamps remained from the lake.

Part of the Polesie swamps (also called Pripyat or Pinsk) was artificially drained during a large-scale campaign of the last century to expand arable land. However, in our time, these territories have become unnecessary for humans and have returned to the possession of nature, which has remained relatively untouched here.

Herodotus Sea Tour

One of the most exciting spring tourist routes in Belarus is a tour to the Herodotus Sea. The routes and ways of travel here change every year, as the scale of the "sea" depends on the degree of Pripyat River flooding. In some places, tourists can get through on foot, carefully choosing the path where the river "allows", while in other places, only all-terrain off-road vehicles can be used, and in some spots, it is only possible to move along the river.

Sea of Herodotus in Belarus

Therefore, the best option for traveling is rafting on the Herodotus Sea. Even inexperienced tourists can handle the uncomplicated route. All you need is a desire, to dress comfortably and warmly, bring spare shoes just in case, and have a snack with you. Most importantly – take a good mood and a camera with you on the trip to capture the beauty of nature for Instagram, TikTok, and simply for memory. Here you will find all the delights of nature: flooded forests, calm waters, and birdsong. In some locations, you want to meditate for a long time, enjoying the unique atmosphere!

Journey on the Herodotus Sea by kayaks can be completed in just one day. Departure from Minsk early in the morning, journey to the group meeting point, introductions - and the adventure begins.

Sea of Herodotus in Belarus

The trip has a unique atmosphere that should be highlighted. The group is usually made up of people who are passionate about travel and cultural exchange. So it's indeed possible to find new friends, make interesting acquaintances, and then embark on a new journey together around Belarus.

Where exactly? There are plenty of routes and locations. Among Belarusian architectural monuments, there are medieval tower ruins reminiscent of our ancestors' knightly feats, ancient castles, Baroque-style churches, palace complexes, town halls, and cathedrals. The main thing is not to stay at home. There are so many interesting things in the world!