Sights to See in Soligorsk

Soligorsk is only 63 years old; however, there is something to look at here...

  1. Holy Protection Church. This church is located in the village of Chizhevichi, not far from the city itself. It is worth visiting this place if only because the sight is one of the oldest wooden churches of Russian Baroque on the territory of Belarus.
    Holy Protection Church

    Inside the church, an exhibition is shown that will tell you in more detail the history of this holy place.

  2. Four Elements Park is, perhaps, the most beloved place of local residents. Water, Fire, Air and Earth are elements that are embodied in different ways in the park of Soligorsk. The main idea of ​​Alexander Sobolevsky (chief architect of the project) was to embody the unity of the elements and their beauty at the same time. Various events are often held in the park. The park is good at any time of the year, so it is a favourite place for photography enthusiasts.
  3. Tree of Life wall panel is another place for excellent shots. The religious-themed painting is created on the wall of a residential building and is one of the most mysterious sights of Soligorsk. The thing is that there is no unambiguous interpretation of the panel plot, so the townspeople come up with many legends about the masterpiece itself and its magical power.
  4. Waste heaps are the most picturesque sight of this region.

    Simply put, waste heaps are places of accumulation of waste from potash production. The towering mountains are visible from almost anywhere in the city, but you cannot get close to them.

  5. The city centre is traditionally one of the most visited places. Here you can see the Lenin Monument, the Miner Monument, walk along the central square.

Places to Have a Good Time in Soligorsk:

– Zorka Venera Cinema. Today, the cinema has two halls: a large and a small (enhanced comfort). On the ground floor, a 5D attraction is open daily for fans of virtual reality, and anyone can buy drinks and snacks in a retail store.

– There is also a place for thrill-seekers in Soligorsk. For example, the Pandorum active recreation park always welcomes new guests. In this beautiful place you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to test yourself, improve your health and just relax.

– RETRO-legendary night restaurant and disco-pub in Soligorsk. This is the most noisy and funniest place in the city and is open seven days a week!

Places to Eat

  1. Hat Trick. This cafe is located next to the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos. In this place you can taste delicious pizza, sushi and salads at fairly affordable prices. The cafe is wheelchair accessible and food delivery is available around town.
  2. Alesya Cafe. The luxurious interior and attractive prices of this cafe are featured by many its visitors! The cafe is located next to the Four Elements Park. We recommend that you visit this place, because it is both an inexpensive one and has very delicious dishes!
  3. Cinnamon Pizzeria. This place has modern design and serves excellent pizza. There is a children's area where your child can draw or watch cartoons.

Yes, Soligorsk is a young city. It does not have a thousand-year history. However, we have no doubt that your visit to this city will make you satisfied!