Agroecotourism is an active and healthy holiday, an exposure to national culture, traditions and way of life. The main goal is to introduce tourism potential of our country in contact with natural nature, folk origins to the residents of Belarus and foreign guests.

It originated in our country relatively recently, but has become one of the most priority and sought-after destinations in the tourism sector of Belarus.

Agroecotourism in Belarus offers a wide range of recreational opportunities: from cozy village houses near picturesque ponds and forest edges to historical estates.

Advantages of rural tourism for Belarusian and foreign guests:

  • original culture in each region of the country;
  • famous Belarusian hospitality;
  • blue-eyed Belarus – a land of rivers and lakes, forests and fields;
  • affordable cost of services;
  • visa-free stay for citizens of more than 70 countries.

The main feature of Belarusian agroecotourism is complete immersion in rural life, unique culture and gastronomy. Tourists will not only learn about traditional rural crafts, culinary specialties, folk songs and dances, but can also taste Belarusian cuisine prepared from fresh local products, and also try themselves in the role of a village resident.

Our estates delight guests with unusual services:

  • overnight stay in the hayloft;
  • accommodation in a yaranga or glamping;
  • gardening;
  • animal care;
  • chopping wood;
  • ride on a SUP board.

Leaders in the number of agroecotourism facilities among the regions of Belarus:

  • Minsk region (371 estates);
  • Grodno region (260 estates);
  • Brest region (260 estates).

By the way, this month promises to be full of events and facts. Waiting for us:

  • press conferences;
  • round tables;
  • workshops;
  • information meetings on the problems and prospects for the development of agroecotourism in all regions of the country;
  • open days in agro-eco-estates;
  • presentations of tourist sites;
  • master classes.

And may we remind you that we continue to accept applications for participation in the republican tourism competition “Discover Belarus-2024” in the category “Agro-eco-estate of the year”.

In 2023 were noted:

  • • agro-eco-estate “Utrina” (Glubokoe district)
  • • agro-eco-estate “Lupachi” (Mosty district)
  • • agro-eco-estate “Cheese Valley” (Slavgorod district)
  • • agro-eco-estate “Wind in the Manes” (Buda-Koshelev district)
  • • agro-eco-estate “Altanka” (Molodechno district)
  • • agro-eco-estate “Tomay” (Baranovichi district)

If you want to show your unique project, we invite you to participate in this project in 2024!