15. “Royal Assembly Sula” history park (Sula village, Stolbtsy district)


Each area of the park is dedicated to a historical era: from pagan antiquity to the time of noblemen's glory. You can shoot arrows, sweep axes, try your hand at blacksmithing, taste the starka, and at Kupalye you can jump over the bonfire and run down the slope behind the burning wheels!

14. Belarusian Karelia near Klimovichi

It is probably the most beautiful variation of the famous chalk quarries — the “Belarusian Maldives”. The water is not as blue as in the Volkovysk and Krichev quarries, but the shores impress with picturesque birch and coniferous groves. Don’t forget your camera!

13. Ferry crossing over the Disna river

If you haven’t taken the ferry yet, stop by Disna, the smallest town in Belarus. A ferry runs 15 times a day across the river to Lunacharskoye village.

12. Fjords of Glushkovichi village

The place looks so much like Scandinavia, but in fact these are flooded Polesie granite quarries. Spoiler alert: this doesn’t make them look any worse!

11. Fort V in Gershony village (4 km from Brest)

Well-preserved pentagonal fort of the XX century, even with a moat. You can take a guided tour or visit it on your own.

10. Ozheshko shrine (Zakoziel village)

Dating back to the XIX century, it is very gothic and grim, and most importantly ­— off the beaten track. The shrine is abandoned, but decently preserved. It is indeed something to admire.

9. Water Tower Museum in Polotsk

It is as tall as an 11-story house, and there is a nature and ecology museum inside. A free bonus is the breathtaking views and panoramas from above (at least from the glass staircase).

8. Horseback riding in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Horseback riding in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

If you have been on an excursion before, that’s okay. Riding a horse through the swamps is a completely new experience. Fresh, picturesque, extreme.

7. Brest Museum of Railway Equipment

The dream of all boys from 2 to God-knows-how-many years old. Steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, railway equipment (bells, clocks from different eras, carriages, steam locomotive cranes). And what if we told you that half of the exhibits are working and are used in film production?..

6. Umestovskys’ Palace (Zhemyslavl)

Abandoned fairy tale manor house after the fire. You can look at it both from the inside and outside, if you wish.

5. Diving on Lake Richie (Braslav)

Unexpected, isn't it? Water transparency up to 5 m, relict inhabitants from the Red Book — that is what makes the place interesting for divers.

4. Yelnya Swamp

Yelnya Swamp

It is better to visit it in autumn, but be careful: you might leave your heart in this riot of colors, while running in bog shoes through the swamps, like a real water elf, or exploring the ecotrails.

3. Rescued Art Treasures Museum (Brest)

The exhibits were found by the customs officials in hiding places during attempts to smuggle them across the border. It is not clear what is more surprising: the artistic value of the exhibits or the stories of how they were hidden! Both can be explored here.

2. “Object 1161” bunker

Yes, it is a real top-secret Cold War bunker, we are shocked as well. Hurry up and see it before it falls apart!

1. Night Safari on the Braslav Lakes

Night Safari on the Braslav Lakes

Driving off at dusk in a wagon with a forester to meet wildlife and nighttime forest dwellers — what could be more extreme? Amazing but true: this service is available in the “Braslav Lakes” National Park.

We are sure that at least 5 places from the rating enticed you. Then it is just a matter of time: choose a free weekend and head off on your adventures!