Located in the west of Belarus, it is a real treasure trove for travel lovers. The rich historical heritage, unique nature and original culture of this region offer many opportunities for an unforgettable holiday.

Unique architectural style

The architecture of the region was influenced by both the geographical location and the ethnic composition of the population. Here you can see elements of Gothic, Baroque and Classicism, mixed with traditional Belarusian flavor. In towns and villages, there are unique and ancient Roman Catholic churches, churches and synagogues, which reflect the rich history and cultural diversity of the region. From year to year, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier (Cathedral) in Grodno, the fortress church in Synkovichi of the 15th century do not lose their popularity among tourists, and the Holy Dormition Zhirovichi Monastery of the 17th-19th centuries was visited by more than 11 thousand people last year.

церковь-крепость в Сынковичах XV века
Fortress church in Synkovichi of the 15th century

Interactive and exciting excursions

Modern tourism requires not only obtaining historical knowledge, but also vivid emotions. Therefore, interactive elements in excursions are being intensively introduced in Grodno region. Animations, tastings, master classes and fragments of rituals make tourists immerse themselves deeper into the local culture and get an unforgettable experience.

Agroecotourism is developing fast in Grodno region. 256 agro-eco-estates offer their services. Located in picturesque corners of the region, they offer an extensive tourism program with elements of gastronomy: various master classes, tastings, excursions.

Rest in Lipichanskaya Pushcha

The concept of eco-friendly tourism is gaining popularity, and Grodno region is following this trend. Here, in specially protected natural areas, tourists can enjoy untouched nature and get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. Marked routes, rest areas and eco-trails turn the trip into an educational adventure.

In 2023, new services appeared in the reserves of Grodno region, which are in high demand among tourists. For example, the unique ecological and historical route “Heart of Lipichanskaya Pushcha” (Mosty district). An ecological trail, safari, kayaking on the Shchara River - you will enjoy the beauty of nature and learn a lot about the history of the region.

On a narrow-gauge railway on a motorized draisine

If you haven’t been to the Ozyory Nature Reserve yet, don’t forget to add it to your tourist route! Traveling along a narrow-gauge railway on an electric motorized draisine accompanied by a guide will not leave anyone indifferent. It was this facility and the “Touching Nature” excursion that were in greatest demand in 2023: more than 5 thousand people used the tourist services of the reserve.

Узкоколейная железная дорога
Narrow gauge railway

Safari in Belarusian style

For wildlife lovers, Grodno region offers safari tours, extreme off-road tours on an SUV, as well as retreat tours with outdoor recreation in glampings in Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park (Svisloch district). Tourists have the opportunity to see live bison, elk, deer and other animals while walking through protected forests under the guidance of experienced guides. These tours provide a unique experience of observing wildlife in their natural habitat.

By the way, hunting tourism is quite popular among tourists. 18 hunting complexes have been built on the hunting grounds of Grodno region. Observation platforms have been equipped. Hunting is permitted for 53 species of wild animals, including 22 species of mammals and 31 species of birds.


Industrial tourism offers…

The most popular enterprises in the region accessible to tourists are Neman glass factory and Lidapischekontsentraty, but the leading position among industrial tourism sites last year was taken by Lidskoe Beer. By the way, private enterprises are also joining industrial tourism. Among them are “Honey Way” (Grodno district) and the snail farm of the private unitary enterprise “Ratov” (Korelichi district). They supplement their excursion program with tasting of their own products.

LLC "Medovy Shlyakh"
LLC "Medovy Shlyakh"

City Museum of Grodno

Interesting fact: about 75 percent of the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus is located in Grodno region. Among them there are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Mir Castle Complex, the Struve Arc. And, of course, Grodno is one of the oldest cities in the country, which is also called the “museum city”. Its historical outline has remained unchanged to this day, and the center of Grodno is a monument of urban planning and is included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus.

...To summarize, it is important to note that Grodno region is an amazing region where the past and present are intertwined in a unique symbiosis. Its rich history and distinctive culture make it an ideal destination for travel and unforgettable experiences.