The Year of Native Land has been extended in 2018 – 2020.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has signed the relevant decree, the press service of the Belarusian leader told BelTA.

The document is designed to stimulate the social and economic development of the regions, encourage active citizenship among members of the general public, and preserve the historical, cultural, and spiritual legacy.

The Council of Ministers has been instructed to get together with the oblast administrations and the Minsk city administration to work out the relevant national action program for the period till 2020 and coordinate the work of government agencies and other organizations as they fulfill the program.

BelTA quoted Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko as mentioning the possibility of expanding the time frame of the Year of Native Land during a national cleanup day in April 2018. “[Declaring the Year of Native Land] was my idea. There were a lot of proposals. I thought drawing attention to the matter was worthwhile after all. It is even not one year of native land but three years because it is unlikely we will build something within one year. One cannot turn people right away. They need to get accustomed to it first, make up their minds, and sketch out some plans. Some may have to earn money in order to invest in their home towns,” noted the head of state. “And then I suggested declaring this year the Year of Native Land and thinking about extending it. Because it is only the beginning,” noted the head of state

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