Plan your trip

Check out our tips on how to think through all the details of your journey

Tips for visa-free trip

Up till recently the visa barrier made even experienced travelers overlook Belarus in favor of other destinations like Lithuania or Ukraine.

Travel Apps to use in Belarus

A trip will be more pleasant and convenient if there are useful apps, that can help find the way or recommend a cafe, in your smartphone.

How to use toll roads in Belarus?

If you’re planning a car trip to Belarus and want to calculate your expenses in advance, this article is sure to help you out.

Registration of foreign citizens

The law of the Republic of Belarus states every foreigner coming to the country should get registered. It’s a simple procedure and doesn’t take much of your time, but it is very important to complete it early to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Safety and useful phone numbers

Travelers to Belarus can put their fears to rest, since Belarus is a pretty safe country. That said, But it never hurts to come prepared.