Minsk region's territory is located within the Belarusian ridge in the basin of the Berezina, Neman and Viliya rivers. Minsk region has significant potential for the development of domestic tourism due to practical location and intersection of the main transport networks of the country.

The largest cities of the Minsk region are Borisov, Soligorsk, Molodechno, Sloutsk.

The administrative center of the Minsk region is Minsk - the capital of Belarus. There are industrial tourism is highly developed in the capital. Minsk Tractor Plant, Slodych Confectionery Factory, Kommunarka Confectionery Factory, Krynitsa Brewery, Atlant CJSC and others open their doors to visitors in order to tell about their production and features of work, as well as give visitors the opportunity to do something yourself.

The cultural and sports institution «Chizhovka-arena», the cultural and sports complex «Minsk-Arena», the sports palace «Uruchye» host not only sports, but also cultural events. Minsk can also offer to visit such interesting objects as the museum and park complex «Victory», the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Trinity Suburb, the House of Gingerbread.

There is a part of the Berezinsky biosphere reserve on the territory of the Minsk region, which has been assigned the status of international, the natural national park «Narochansky»; protected natural areas of republican significance include 20 reserves, including 5 landscape and 15 biological ones. There are also 88 natural monuments of republican significance in the region.

For a long time, the Minsk region has been actively developing a health resort economy. The quality of natural resources is important for a high-quality health recreation, and the Naroch Lake Group is excellent for this, the rest houses that were located here several decades ago were known to many residents of the country. The Minsk region can offer visitors such health-improving structures as the sanatoriums «Priozerny», «Sosny», «Borovoe», «Lesnoe», «Belorusochka», «Krinitsa», «Yunost», NDC «Zubrenok», an underground speleo-clinic in Soligorsk.

To get to know the history better, plunge into the past and just have a good time, we suggest visiting the Nesvizh castle, the museum of the history of the Sloutsk belts, the Gutten-Chapsky estate in the village of Stankovo, the park-museum of Interactive history «Sula», the memorial complex «Khatyn», the museum of folk architecture and everyday life «Lake», the church of St. Joseph (Rubezhevichi), the Chapsky estate in the village of Priluki, the Drutsky-Lyubetsky estate in Novoye Pole, the historical and cultural museum-reserve «Zaslavl», the Bernardine church in Budslav, the historical and cultural complex «Stalin's Line», the village-museum in Zabrodye, the museum complex «Dudutki».

A lot of sports facilities are located on the territory of the Minsk region:  «Logoisk» ski resort, State sports institution «Borisov Arena», sports and recreation center «Ratomka», sports and recreation complex «Freestyle», Republican Olympic training center «Stayki», Republican ski resort «Silichi», Republican Olympic training center «Raubichi».

You can feel the breath of nature and relax your body and soul, as well as learn about the traditions of beekeeping, taste honey and dishes of Belarusian cuisine in the agro-estate «World of Bees», and you will be invited to feel the rural flavor alone with nature in the cluster «Valozhynskiya Gastsintsy».

The UNESCO World Heritage List includes a unique historical and cultural museum-reserve «Nesvizh», located on the territory of the Minsk region.